Custom Scouting Instructions: Creative Midfielder Edition

The center of the field is rightfully called the heart: These players are the ones that make your team tick. Let's take a look at how to find the right creative midfielders for your team in EA Sports FC 24!

Custom Scouting Instructions: Creative Midfielder Edition

You can have the most solid defenders and absolutely world class attackers but you won't be able to win trophies because you need the right players in midfield to link them up.

Creative Midfielders dictate the tempo of the game, like a conductor with a baton, guiding their team to victory with their control.

Here we take a look at 3 Custom Scouting Instructions that you can use to find the right Creative Midfielders for your team.

1. Pacey Creative Midfielder Scouting Instructions

When you're playing a pure passing game, you need young players who can perform the role of a creative midfielder with a lot of pace and explosiveness such as Pedri at FC Barcelona.

The instructions for this set are:

  • Position: Midfielder, CM
  • Age: 19-23
  • Contract: 0-3
  • Tactical Fit: Tiki Taka
  • Overall Condition: First Team Prospect, World Class Prospect
  • PlayStyles: Passing, Ball Control

2. Complete Creative Midfielder Scouting Instructions


If you're building the spine of your team, having a player who can win the ball high up the field and then create chances as well as take them becomes necessary to your plans like Jude Bellingham at Real Madrid.

The instructions for this set are:

  • Position: Midfielder, CM
  • Age: 24-27
  • Contract: 2-5
  • Tactical Fit: Gegenpressing
  • Overall Condition: First Team Quality, World Class
  • PlayStyles: Passing, Ball Control, Scoring, Defending

3. Advanced Playmaking Midfielder Scouting Instructions


When you play very defensively you need an advanced playmaker, a pure number 8 who can relieve the pressure on your team by finding a quick pass to break opposition lines like Nicolo Barella at Inter Milan.

The instructions for this set are:

  • Position: Midfielder, CM
  • Age: 26-32
  • Contract: 0-2
  • Tactical Fit: Park The Bus
  • Overall Condition: First Team Quality, First Team Prospect
  • PlayStyles: Passing, Ball Control, Scoring

That concludes our guide to find defenders using Scouting Instructions. We will be posting more content like this so keep an eye out on our Articles & Guides page.


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