How to use Development Plans to make your Youth Players better in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode?

You've found the next best player in world football, now we show you how to get them to their peak

How to use Development Plans to make your Youth Players better in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode?

There's more to developing the players in your Youth Academy than just scouting the best talents and hoping for the best.

In EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode you are given the ability to fine tune the development path your academy players take using the Development Plans feature.

Let's take a look at Development Plans, how they affect the growth of players and which ones suit your players the best. 

How to set Development Plans in Youth Academy?

All players in your Youth Academy are on the Balanced Development Plans by default.

To select specific Development Plans for Youth Players, you need to highlight them in the Academy menu and scroll down to the list of plans 

Can I use Development Plans to change my player's Primary Position?

Yes, part of the Development Plans architecture is allowing you to change the given primary position of your player.

You can change a player from any given position to another one without any restriction aside from Goalkeeper.

Changing a player's primary position let's you highlight the stats you want them to be working on, if those stats are too low to begin with they won't unlock their potential fully.

Try to see how a player is naturally growing in their role before switching their position.

Favourable position changes take into account a Player's Stats, for example in this Tottenham Hotspurs Manager Career, this Youth Academy player has good Pace, Dribbling and Physicals.

If you change his position to a Right-Winger, because of his naturallystrong Left Foot he would be able to cut-inside for a strong shot.

How many Development Plans are available in the Youth Academy?

There are multiple Development plans available for each position profile, between 4-5 based on the style of play you want per position.

Development Plans are identical for Right/Left sided versions of a similar profile, such as Right/Left Wingers, Wingbacks, Midfielders and Fullbacks.

Make sure you select the right Development Plans for the players you want to fulfil specific roles in your team when the time to promote them is at hand.

We will be putting out more guides like this discussing Development Plans in detail as well as other things like Coaching and Transfer Market tips so make sure to stay tuned to the Articles and Guides page! 


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