How to develop your Youth Academy in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode?

The Youth Academy is the backbone of a strong club, and if you want to have the edge over your competitors here is our guide how to get the best out of it!

How to develop your Youth Academy in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode?

One of the most underrated assets while building your team in Career Mode is the Youth Academy.

Having your young players being developed and scouted to fit particular roles is important to keeping your club fresh with a tight budget.

Let’s take a look at how to develop your Youth Academy in FC 24 Manager Career Mode.

How to develop Youth Academy players in Career Mode?

Once you start with the youth academy you will have a few players already in your club’s academy.

The idea from there on in is to choose how you wish to spend the budget you have available in 2 categories: Coaches and Scouts.

You need Coaches to implement development plans for the players in your academy.

Scouts on the other hand scan the globe for you and find the best young talents that you can then develop into star players.

Once you have the right players, preferably with the highest potentials, select a development plan for them.

I like a targeted development plan better than a balanced one, it allows for them to have some great stats and PlayStyles when you’re ready to promote them.

To implement a Development Plan you need to select your player and then cycle through the available Development Plans.

Switching between plans allows you to see which stats and attributes are being boosted.

Don’t be hasty with your Youth Players, once you start them on a plan monitor their growth and adjust your plans accordingly. 

Once your players have grown enough, you can choose to sign them to the first team, where their journey can continue.

 We will be putting out more guides on how to develop specific players, building scouting networks and more, so make sure to stay tuned to our Articles & Guides page! 

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