FC 24 Career Mode Challenge 2: Athletic Bilbao

In a world where Football is a global phenomenon, let's celebrate a club that promotes local representation in their ranks: Athletic Bilbao

FC 24 Career Mode Challenge 2: Athletic Bilbao

We're back again with another edition of Storyline Challenges to spice up your Career Mode experience!

The second club in our series is one steeped in history and culture: ATHLETIC BILBAO.

Athletic Club Storyline

The Athletic Club in Bilbao is one of only 3 clubs to never have been relegated from Spain's Primera Division, making them football royalty.

The club values are firm in their representation of their rich, Basque heritage, trying their best to compete and succeed using only locally sourced Spanish Talent.

It is time for you, their newest coach, to take this philosophy and reach new heights for Athletic Club and for the city of Bilbao.

Rules for the Athletic Bilbao Career Mode Challenge

  • Win La Liga within 6 seasons of being in-charge of the club
  • Win ANY European Competition within 8 seasons of being in-charge of the club
  • You have to reject ALL Transfer Requests from Real Madrid and FC Barcelona
  • You can ONLY sign Spanish Players
  • You have to sign at least 3 players each from Real Sociedad and Deportivo Alaves
  • You can only scout for Youth Academy players from Spain
  • You have to Promote 3 players from the Youth Academy to your FIRST TEAM within 4 seasons

Settings for the Athletic Bilbao Storyline Challenge