FC 24 Career Mode Challenge: Leicester City

From winning the Premier League in 2015 to losing it all in 2023, this team has seen it all. Time for you to bring them back to the top division with the squad they have on hand.

FC 24 Career Mode Challenge: Leicester City

The latest edition of Storyline Challenges is here, this time diving into the gritty competition that befalls the teams in the EFL Championship.

From creating serial winners with their 2015 miracle Premier League win to losing the lot and being relegated to the Championship, it's up to you to help the foxes find their way back to Englad's top division in your next challenge: Leicester City FC.

Leicester City FC Storyline Challenge

After losing their chairman and struggling to maintain form and players, the club slowly fell from being in European Competitions to being relegated to the Championship last season.

The start of the season saw them lose some of their top talents in Harvey Barnes and James Maddison to Premier League clubs, putting a massive dent in their available squad.

With financial limitations and a thin squad you have just one chance to make it back to the Premier League and show the world that the foxes are resilient, it takes more than just money to make a football club great.

Rules for the Leicester City FC Storyline Challenge

  • You need to secure PROMOTION to the Premier League within ONE season in-charge of the club
  • You CANNOT buy a player from the transfer market before reaching the Premier League, you can only sign players on loan
  • You CANNOT reject transfer offers from Premier League teams while in the Championship
  • Jamie Vardy needs to start at least 25 games in the first season, only exceptions are injuries blocking his playing time
  • Once you've been promoted to the Premier League, your yearly Transfer Expenditure should not exceed £50,000,000
  • The goal is to reach ANY European Competition within 4 seasons of the club in-charge
  • Jamie Vardy needs to retire at the club, so his morale is of utmost importance.

Settings for Leicester City FC Storyline Challenge