FC 24 Career Mode Challenge: Nottingham Forest FC

Once proud European Champions, they have been away from the competition for a long time now. It's

FC 24 Career Mode Challenge: Nottingham Forest FC

They've made their way back to the top flight of English Football, but their history is far richer than just being a part of the first division.

It's time to rebuild the image of this club in their former glory, winning titles both in Europe and domestically as you take up the latest edition of the Storyline Challenge: Nottingham Forest FC.

Nottingham Forest FC Storyline Challenge

The club has struggled with their finances and maintaining top talent, meandering in the lower tiers of English football before finally cracking into the top division in 2022.

While they've managed to secure their place in the league and avoided relegation, their history shows us that they are so much more than that, they are true giants.

Your job is to take the meagre resources and talent at your disposal and bring the club back to its historic heights, back to winning silverware and bringing NFFC back to Europe.

Rules for the Nottingham Forest FC Storyline Challenge

  • Do NOT get relegated from the Premier League, this will lead to forfeiting the challenge
  • You CANNOT Sell or Loan your players to other Premier League clubs
  • Spend no more than £30,000,000 in any single Transfer Window
  • Reach the FINALS of the FA Cup in the first TWO seasons in charge
  • Qualify for any European Competition and reach the Knockout Stages at least once in the first FOUR seasons

Settings for Nottingham Forest FC Storyline Challenge