FC 24 Career Mode Challenge: Palermo FC

From being excluded from Professional Leagues to climbing their way back to Serie B in only 3 years, the story of the Sicilian Club is inspiring. Time for you to give them the final push into Top Division football.

FC 24 Career Mode Challenge: Palermo FC

The latest edition of Storyline Challenges is here, this time going to the depths of Serie B and finding one of the most inspiring stories of modern football.

They were excluded from professional football in Italy only a few years ago but they've made their way back up to the second division, with a takeover from the City Football Group we're putting YOU in the driver's seat of this Sicilian Club: Palermo FC.

Palermo FC Storyline Challenge

The club from Sicily went into administration and out of all professional football in 2019 due to serious financial irregularities, it seemed like things would be over for them but they've managed to find their feet again.

At the end of the 2022, the club was officially taken over by the City Football Group, owners of Manchester City and Girona FC among others, as a majority stakeholder giving them an injection of technical management and some funding to make the club competitive in the second division of Italian Football.

With new owners and new management, it is now your job to take this club and break into the top tier of Italian Football and bring them back to being the European elites they once were as well as produce stars like Paulo Dybala and Edinson Cavani from your ranks.

Rules for the Palermo FC Storyline Challenge

  • You have to finish in the TOP 3 of Serie B in your first Season in-charge
  • Earn Promotion to the Serie A within 3 seasons in-charge
  • Avoid relegation for FOUR consecutive seasons in the Serie A
  • Spend NO MORE than €30,000,000 in one season for the first 3 seasons in-charge
  • Promote and use a Youth Academy player in your first team for at least 15 games within 2 seasons in-charge
  • You CANNOT reject transfer requests from clubs in the City Football Group(Manchester City, Girona FC, New York City FC, Mumbai City FC, Melbourne City FC)

Settings for Palermo FC Storyline Challenge