FC 24 Career Mode Challenge 1: Girona

It's time to take your Career Mode journey to the next level with the rising superstars: Girona FC in La Liga

FC 24 Career Mode Challenge 1: Girona

Sometimes, playing Career Mode the standard way can get boring, which is why we want to spice things up a bit with our next series: Storyline Challenges!

In this series we are going to create career mode challenges for you to use specific teams and follow a certain set of instructions to win the game. 

Let's dive into the first one: GIRONA FC.


Girona FC is a part of the City Football Group which owns a majority stake in 13 clubs around the world like Manchester City, Mumbai City FC, New York City FC and more.

With Manchester City having won the Treble in 2023, the City Football Group wants to focus on Girona who have secured First Place in La Liga with their latest strides, beating Catalonian rivals FC Barcelona away from home recently.

The goal is to make Girona FC the Manchester City of La Liga as an executive of the CFG.

Rules for the Girona FC Storyline Challenge:

  • Win La Liga within 4 Seasons of taking charge
  • Win the UEFA Champions League within 6 Seasons of taking charge
  • You have to accept all transfer offers received from Manchester City
  • You have to sign 4 players from any City Football Group clubs
  • Use the Global Scouting Network and find a hidden gem, should exceed 88 Overall Rating in 4 seasons

Settings for the Girona FC Storyline Challenge: