FC 24 Youth Development Plans: Wide Midfielders

Not always the most popular role to play but extremely crucial, the first line of defense and the first wave of attack. Let's see the different ways to develop young wide midfielders in FC 24.

FC 24 Youth Development Plans: Wide Midfielders

The Wide Midfielder is a role that has slowly been dying out in favour of out and out wingers, but it still plays a key part in the classic football formation that relies on two banks of four.

With creative wide midfielders that are tricky on the ball like Riyad Mahrez, pacey touchline dribblers like Nico Williams at Athletic Club or physical players like Marcos Llorente at Atletico Madrid who are as good in defence as they are in attack, the role of a Wide Midfielder varies significantly.

Let's take a look at the next edition of Development Plans: Wide Midfielders.

Development Plans for Wide Midfielders in EA Sports FC 24

There are total FIVE Development Plans for Wide Midfielders:

  • Balanced
  • Wide Playmaker
  • Wide Midfielder
  • Inverted Wide Midfielder
  • Support Midfielder

Balanced Wide Midfielder

With the Balanced Wide Midfielder plan you can give overall stat boosts to your player while leaving their Skill Moves, Weak Foot and Workrates unchanged.

Here are the specifications of the Balanced Wide Midfielder Plan:

  • Time: 16 Weeks
  • Significant Growth: NONE
  • Moderate Growth: ALL STATS except Agility
  • Small Growth: Agility

Wide Playmaker