How to get started with Career Mode in EA Sports FC 24?

FC 24 brings with it the most comprehensive Career Mode experience we’ve ever seen. Here’s how to make the most out of the game this year.

How to get started with Career Mode in EA Sports FC 24?

Career Mode has been one of the most sought after and one of the least upgraded features in FIFA right up until FIFA 23.

EA Sports FC 24 allowed EA to breathe some life into Career Mode and bring about features that make the experience worth the time we’ll be putting into the game.

With the core features of Career Mode put into the melting pot with the new, exciting ones such as Total Management System, Tactical View, Revamped Scouting and more, let’s see how you can have the best start to your Manager Career! 

Which Team should I choose in Career Mode?

Choosing the right team is very important to make sure you can build your manager up to their full potential. 

It’s not going to be as easy as selecting the biggest teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or PSG with their big budgets.

Bigger teams with bigger budgets will have stricter targets. With bigger squads to manage you might be overwhelmed trying to use all the new mechanics.

Choosing a low budget team means your target will be easier, but your squad depth and budget will be low so you need to choose wisely.

Getting the right balance between wanting to win everything, learning career mode and progressing in the game as your avatar will be unique to each player, but here are some of our picks for starter teams:

  • Aston Villa: Start off in the Premier League, having a mid-level budget 

  • Roma FC : Competition in the Serie A is tough but going far in Europe could be interesting

  • Leicester City: Take the wounded foxes from a challenging season in the Championship and back into the Premier League

  • LOSC Lille: Start with a young but high potential squad and see how far you can develop them

  • Boca Juniors: Take on Football Heritage and learn the ropes of South American Football

How important is Coaching in FC 24 Career Mode?

Not only will coaching impact your player’s development throughout the season, with the new Total Management System you will also see a dynamic effect on the pitch when your gameplan is being implemented.

You’ll get a chance to allocate the budget for your coaches, remember to pump enough funds into this sector to make sure your players are giving their best.

What are the best Career Settings?

Having to choose from this list of customizations might seem daunting at first but to make the most out of your season, here are the recommended settings: 

  • Match Difficulty: Professional 

  • Half-Length: 4 Minutes

  • European Competitions: Enabled

  • Transfer Window: Enabled

  • International Job Offers: Disabled

  • Negotiation Strictness: Strict

For Currency, you can choose your favoured currency, it doesn’t have an impact on the quality of the game or the market, just the numbers displayed.

For Financial Takeover, it depends on how difficult/easy you want your first season to be. A huge takeover will come with harder targets but will make assembling your squad easier. 

Following this advice should allow you to set yourself up in the best possible way to get a good first season in EA Sports FC Manager Career Mode.

Not only will you have a decently challenging experience, you will also learn how to truly work your way as the team coach.

We’ll keep posting content like this, including tips and tricks for all players, whether you’re Wrexham AFC trying to get into the Premier League or Real Madrid aiming for the 15th UCL title, so stay tuned!

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