Top 5 African Wonderkids in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode

The continent that gave us some of the best raw talent we've ever seen keeps on giving! Let's take a look at the Top 5 best potential stars from the African continent!

Top 5 African Wonderkids in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode

The vast continent of Africa has housed some of the greatest players we've seen in the history of football, Icons like Didier Drogba, Jay-Jay Okocha, Michael Essien, Samuel Eto'o and more have called this great place their home.

If you're looking for explosive pace, physicality and workrates look no further than the largest continent on planet Earth. With top potential stars breaking into academies from these countries we are here to help you pick out some of the best.

Let's take a look at the Top 5 best wonderkids from Africa:

1. Bilal El Khannous

The 19 year old CAM from Morocco has been tearing up the 1A Pro League with his tricky skills and short stature, being able to weave through defenders with ease is a skill a lot of creative midfielders envy.

Playing for KRC Genk you should be able to sign this starlet easily and with a starting potential of 87, he could become one of the best in the world with the right development.

2. Ernest Nuamah

When you look at youngsters with potential you want them to have a few outstanding qualities, this Ghanaian Striker has plenty.

4 Star Skill Moves, High Attacking Workrates, 89 Acceleration and 90 Sprint Speed is a formula for a top tier attacker, with the FC Nordsjælland you are guaranteed a star player for the future.

3. Fares Chaibi

The 21 year old Algerian talent is currently tearing it up in the Bundesliga with Frankfurt, and he shows some real potential.

High/High Workrates, 86 Rated Potential and a well rounded card means that you could shape him into any sort of midfielder you need for your team.

4. Ousmane Diomande

The 20 year old Ivory Coast defender is going to be very sought after as there aren't many top tier Centre Back options at youth level.

The man from Sporting CP is very tall, has a 4 Star Weak Foot to begin with and the perfect workrates for a defender, if you can sign him you'll be set with a CB for years to come.

5. Nicolas Jackson

He's got power, pace, finishing and a strong presence in the air; all this at the age 22 with a strong potential for growth as well.

The only reason the Chelsea forward is number 5 on this list and not higher is because he will be hard to pull away from the Premier League club, he is one of the best prospects in the game.

That concludes our list of Top 5 Wonderkids from Africa. Do you think we missed any? Let us know in our Community section! 


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