Top 5 Italian Wonderkids in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode

The country that has hailed some of the greatest players in history, they've seen a slight decline but are on their way back up. Let's take a look at some of Italy's best young talent!

Top 5 Italian Wonderkids in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode

The gli Azzurri have been the champions of Europe and the World many times in their decorated history, boasting legends of the game such as Paolo Maldini. Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero and more from within their glorious ranks.

Their talent had plateaued a little in the late 2000's but Italy's youngsters have really proved their mettle by winning the 2020 European Championships with quality in attack and in defence.

Let's take a look at the Top 5 best Wonderkids from Italy in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode:

1. Fabio Miretti

The Juventus midfielder has one of the highest potential for every active player in the country, which is incredible given that he is only 20 years of age. 

He already has a 4-Star Weak Foot, some incredibly well rounded stats, only thing you would really need to change would be his workrates that sit at Medium/Medium for now.

2. Tommaso Baldanzi

The attacking midfielder from Empoli has been making waves this year, with his already great stats and high potential at 20 years of age, you could be looking at a proper future star.

He already has incredible stats in key areas, specifically in the dribbling department as well as good workrates, you would need to improve his Skill Moves and Weak Foot to make him into a top tier player.

3. Destiny Udogie

He just signed this season for Spurs and the 21 year old has been an undisputed starter for the London club all season, which is not a surprise at all given his incredible ability, and his potential to be great is there for all to see.

He's got great physicality and pace right off the bat, good defending and ball playing ability as well as workrates on his side, you just need to upgrade his Skill Moves and Weak Foot and he will be a world class player given time.

4. Simone Pafundi

The young creative midfielder from Udinese is one of the league's best youngsters, he has entire stadiums on the edge of their seats when he's commanding the ball at his feet.

With the right workrates, a high potential and well rounded stats, if you can get his Skill Moves and Weak Foot right while boosting his stats in a balanced manner, you'll find a world class player in him.

5. Giorgio Scalvini

The 20 year old defender from Atalanta is a towering bulwark for his team, with great defensive ability paired with his physicality and high potential, with the right development he could reflect his country's rich defensive heritage.

He needs a little adjustment to his Defensive Workrates and some ability on the ball but he has a lot of time to grow into a world class defender in the right setup.

That concludes our list of Top 5 Wonderkids from Italy. Do you think we missed any? Let us know in our Community section!


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