10 months ago

I hate copypastas. Imagine copying everything other people say. Such an unoriginal thing. This place is dead, finished. Imagine posting the same words every day, every time, every hour, every minute, every second. Why would someone do anything like that. That's just dumb. Very unoriginal jokes like "Kebab 67/73", "not hard", "cool", "yeah man", "oh", "serious comments", "Hello. I'm Antonis brother (Konstantinos). Antonis tonight when he was returning to home, had a serious car accident and is now in a very bad situation in the Local Hospital. He told me to share this here because (as he said) you are for him a very special company, and he wanted to let you know. I'll come again when i'll have any news(i hope good) about his progress" and "You have over 500 comments. Probably closer to 1000, since I don't doubt that you've had accounts banned in the past. Every single one of those comments are either racist or targeted at someone. Now, lets just say each of those comments took on average around 2 minutes to make or post. In reality, its probably more factoring in the time it took you to read replies or think about the comment in general. Thats over 2000 minutes. Thats 33 hours. Thats a long fucking time. Now, I can almost guarantee you've written more of these comments across a bunch of websites. I'm just gonna take a stab in the dark here and say you spend most of your free time writing these comments. And knowing that you dont have a job, probably live at home with your parents, you definitely have a lot of free time. All that time, wasted, writing these racist hateful comments. Thats sad. Fag"

Congratulations, you've wasted your life. I can categorically say you will never amount to anything. You serve no purpose"

That's just stupid


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